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  • How-To's: Lock Down SSH Access in Juniper SRX Routers
    Answer: set firewall family inet filter local_acl term terminal_access from address x.x.x.x/24 set firewall family inet filter local_acl term terminal_access from protocol tcp set firewall family inet filter ...
  • How-To's: How to Limit Bandwidth on Juniper SRX Routers
    Answer: Filter Definition firewall {                                   policer 2Mbps {         if-exceeding {             bandwidth-limit 2m;             burst-size-limit 100k;         }         then discard;     }     ...
  • How-To's: Force stop stuck job in Veeam
    Answer: Log into SQL management studio and execute the following query.   UPDATE [Backup.Model.JobSessions]SET [state] = '-1'WHERE [state] != '-1' ...
  • VMWare: ESXi iSCSI Paths
    Answer: Most Recently Used (MRU): The VMW_PSP_MRU policy selects the first working path, discovered at system boot time. If this path becomes unavailable, the ESXi/ESX host ...
  • How-To's: Set up Sonicwall Global VPN Client
    Answer: 1.) Download and install client from here 2.) Create a new connection.   3.) Choose "Remote Access"     4.) Enter the public IP address and specify a connection name.     5.) Right ...
  • How-To's: How to Prevent Emails from Going to the Junk Email Folder
    Answer:   1) Open Microsoft Outlook 2) Go to the Inbox Screen 3) Select the "Junk E-mail" folder 4) A list of mail items will appear on the right preview ...

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